Massive Gains in the Gym with This AI-Generated Strength Plan – Part 2

April 10, 2023

Unless you've been hiding under a rock the last few months, you've witnessed AI taking over our news feeds (among other things). While there is a lot of hype around AI, we've been taking a more practical approach by experimenting with real-life use-cases. In this article, we will show you how we used ChatGPT to create a strength training plan that after 3 months resulted in 6kg (13.3lbs) of muscle gains.

Part 1. Setting strength goals and nutritional strategies using ChatGPT

Part 2. Creating the strength training plan with our ChatGPT ‘physical trainer’

Part 3. Making targeted adjustments using ChatGPT

Part 4. Putting it all together in a Google Sheet (free download)

Part 2. Creating the strength training plan with our ChatGPT ‘physical trainer’

Now that we have our goal, let’s make the plan to get there. One of the best prompt techniques, is to tell ChatGPT to “act as an x...” before giving it your prompt. Here, we asked ChatGPT to act as a physical trainer. Then, we gave it our prompt for the plan including the type of plan, duration, some specifics around frequency and timing, and the goal we set in the previous step.

You’ll notice we gave it a pretty specific type of plan called block periodization. I’m well-versed on the types of training plans, but if you are not, you could just as easily ask for different types of plans, their purposes, pros, and cons and choose from there.

The first iteration of our ChatGPT training plan.

Off to a good start. ChatGPT did just what we asked for, but the gym days back to back obviously don’t make sense. I have a history of hamstring and lower back injuries, so let’s also swap out the deadlifts. Using a small adjustment prompt, we can update the plan accordingly.

Making changes to the plan.

Woof, not quite what we asked for. Let’s try again with some clearer worded instructions.

Providing clearer instructions for requested changes.

Back on track. We have a version of the plan that works just as expected. In order to make this more usable, let’s convert it to a table so we can simply drag it into a Google Sheet.

Converting the plan to a table.

Almost there. ChatGPT appears to be getting lost trying keeping up with previous instructions. One thing we could do better, is rather than add new prompts when making changes, we should edit the previous prompt and regenerate a response so we have a cleaner dialogue with less undesirable results in our chat history.

Now with our goal and our overall plan in hand, we can make more targeted adjustments.

It goes without saying, but before performing any exercises or making changes to your diet, consult with a professional.

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