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Not your ordinary cycling club

We move to the beat of our own drum. We believe cycling is a way to express yourself, be together, have fun, and share experiences. Come one, come all. Let’s gets weird.

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Ride bikes at the butt-crack of dawn

It’s early, it’s dark, and it’s cold, but you’re going to love it. Come ride with us as we drag our tired bodies up the hill to Zurich’s very own little mountain. Smiles and views guaranteed.

Early AF
Good people
Dark and cold
Free coffee
Great views


Destination Uetliberg mountain

The (not so) grand departs

Strandbad Oberrieden

Meet in the parking lot to depart 1 hr and 20 min before sunrise.
21 km one-way
560 m elevation gain
1 hr 5 min est. time

Zürich HB

Meet in front of the statue to depart 1 hr before sunrise.
12 km one-way
450 m elevation gain
45 min est. time

Meet us up top

Choose your own adventure and we’ll see you up there.

Ride with us on Zwift

We’ve got friends all over the globe. Come ride with us no matter where you are. Stay connected with our Zwift online social rides. And join the live voice channel during the ride on Discord.

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Come freeze your tuchus off with us

Winter is coming. That can only mean one thing. It’s cold plunge season. Come join us for a weekly dose of cold bums and warm hearts.

Coming soon

Ride with us

Come for the coffee, stay for the friends. Join our club rides, cold plunges, and community. Posted on Strava.

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